Nepal Speakers Bureau (NSB)

NSB is a home of speakers. Speakers be that of trainers, experts, motivational speakers and coaches. A range of qualified and recognized speakers is showcased for the people who are willing to get a speaker of their need. Served in a various categories from motivational to hard skilled experts, NSB seeks to provide a platform for the people, where they can contact their desired person without having any middle agent and consultation charge.

The concept is simple. Speakers registered here and we provide them with the multiplied opportunities to show case their expertise, help them in their portfolio management, branding and promotion to the targeted audience inside the major hub cities of the country. For the clients, they search for the trainers of their desired area and contact them and settle their business.

Our society provides enough number of hero’s, who do more in an instance than what people do in their lifetimes. But the stories hardly ever reach us, which is why we encourage you to tell us your legend, your enriching experience, real life narratives that will help other people grow, understand you and connect better.

NSB is a hub for diverse speakers- those who are either trainers, experts, motivational speakers, or coaches.

about us

Our History

After being in the market for more than a decade and doing aggressive research on people's perceptions and receptions, the founders of NSB initiated this concept of bridging speakers with clients. In our over 8 years journey, we have helped different organizations with trainings, workshops and empowering their employees.

What We Provide

With NSB, you can hire renowned speakers, trainers, coaches, and more for your events, webinars, or sessions, along with tailored packages/programs according to your need. We make all necessary arrangements to ensure the success of your event or workshop.Nepal speaker bureau manages the profile of experts, intellectuals, speakers, trainers, and high profile personalities who could deliver to the diverse needs for the programs.

What We Do


Connect a larger audience with the trainers and speakers of their choice.


Help organizations find the right consultant for their business growth.

Training and Workshop

Customized learning events and programs to fit our clients’ requirements.

Guest Speaker

Furnish events with top experts, intellectuals and scholars, we connect globally.


Organize online events and webinar, and find a right facilitator/speaker to our clients.


Individual or Group Coaching on self-management, growth and relationships matters.


Rajesh Pathak

Founder / Director

Rajesh brings a wealth of experience across multiple sectors like Human Recourse, Developmental, Academics and Corporate as as a core driver and influencer. With over 15 years of experience, Rajesh brings a vision to connect right expertise with right organizations through NSB..

Rupak Shrestha

Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Director of Marketing

Rupak has over 10 years of experience in Marketing, Branding and Organizational Development. He has helped many companies grow their business through strategic marketing as well as developing efficient marketing team. At NSB, Rupak brings his core competence of marketing and operational management..

Hema Sharma

Goodwill Ambassador (India)

Hema Sharma, an entrepreneur and social activist dedicated to promoting holistic wellness and empathy, serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal Speakers Bureau from India. She connects cultures, nurtures international relations, and facilitates human capacity development through wellness retreats, yogic practices, and naturopathy, exemplifying a dedication to collaboration and empowerment across borders..


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