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Email is still the most preferred and efficient tool for professional communication today. However, many organizations and professionals alike lack proper email etiquette techniques that can help them succeed in their professional environment.

Our email etiquette training is designed to help professionals learn all the required skills and techniques. From articulating thoughts to writing clear messages, understanding different structures and styles of email writing, utilizing different functions like calendar and signage, our training encompasses every aspect of professional email communication.

This half-day course is a practical training program that is suitable for every type of organization and is available throughout Nepal.

What participants will learn

  • Importance of effective business emails

  • How to articulate thoughts and structure your email

  • Understanding different structures and styles of email writing

  • All the components of emails

  • Why subject and call to action are a critical part of email etiquette

  • Ways to use email to manage tasks, and responses

  • The importance of checking the availability of meeting attendees using the calendar function

  • Why the size of attachments matter

  • The importance of targeting your communication to the email recipient

Benefits for your organization

  • Empowered staff who knows the basic etiquette of email writing

  • Minimize the risk to your organization's email messages to third parties

  • Reduction in the meetings reschedule with the increased use of calendar use

  • Decrease poorly written and communicated emails

  • Increased use of effective email and communication behaviors within your organization

  • Awareness on the impact of email size, attachments and implications for SMART devices

  • Reduction in risk of emails being used inappropriately in the workplace

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