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Report writing is an essential part of any business documentation. We all write them but how do we make them stand out? How do you produce a well-structured and credible report that is easy to read and covers all the important points.?

In this one-day training program, we’ll help you learn how to write effective reports and documents. This training shows you how to plan report writing, adapt it for your target audience, build the report around a structure and display your information to best engage your audience.

As properly thought out and written communication is a key skill to any professional, this training program can enhance your professional career.

What you will learn

  • Use industry-wise leading techniques to create reports and informative documents that are well structured and organized

  • Plan and produce effective written communications that are cohesive and have a proper information flow

  • Determine an appropriate writing style that suits your target audience as well as the goals of your organization

  • Methods for researching, gathering and organizing information before presenting them

  • Using appropriate visuals such as charts, graphs, and tables to present figures professionally

  • Proper formatting, layouting, and presenting skills that can help you execute the report creatively

Who can take this training

  • All report writers looking to enhance their report-writing skills

  • Managers and Team Leaders who review and approve reports

  • Head of Departments who needs skills to prepare annual, quarterly, or monthly reports

  • Compliance & Risk Officers or Managers

  • Internal and external Auditors

  • Anyone who likes to hone their skills in writing effective reports

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