Strategic Leadership Training

Strategic Leadership Training


Leaders have to face an unprecedented number of challenges in today’s rapidly evolving business and professional environment. Many issues such as corporate relationships, socio-political influences, economic factors, harmony with employees, and strategic visions might come in their ways. To succeed in such a complex environment, leaders have to look for new ways to tackle every challenges.

In our 3-day Strategic Leadership Training program, we will provide new insights, frameworks and tools that can help leaders inspire their team and organisation deal with unfavourable circumstances. Our trainers will provide reflective exercises, leadership assessment techniques, modern leadership issues, application activities, and case studies to help them solve problems using both critical and creative thinking.

What you will learn

  • Differentiate between leadership, management, influence, and power

  • Understand the leader’s role in implementing change

  • Examine their own personality and behaviors to enhance self-awareness

  • Review leadership styles and practice – identifying overlaps and differences

  • Harness the team’s ability to innovate

  • Develop and motivate the team for optimum performance

  • Evaluate how leaders impact culture and climate

  • Understand how leaders navigate change, strategy, and innovation

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who have recently moving to supervisors, team lead and managerial roles

  • Any professional who is engaged in the functions of strategic planning

  • All professionals and leaders from any industry who desire in-depth knowledge of best practices in advanced management and leadership

  • Senior leaders who aim to share and enhance their strategic capabilities further

  • Heads of departments, managers, supervisors, change agents and sponsors

  • Anyone who is interested in developing their capacity as a strategic leader/coach

  • Those seeking a refresher to enhance their leadership and management skills

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