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This is a ‘two-day long’ training package designed for the parents of school-going students. As understanding the characteristics of a child is essential for parents, it is important to learn basic skills of parenting for the appropriate growth and development of the children. A trained parent can create the most favorable environment for the children that provides a broad space for the development and use of their potential.

One of the core focuses of the training program is positive parenting. Positive parenting helps children do better in school, have fewer behavioral problems, and have stronger mental health. Positive parenting contributes to better functioning in the brain regions associated with emotions and cognition during the teen years. Children and, adolescents are the backbone of society and these ages are vital to human growth.

The parenting skills presented in this course work well with teens, and are even backed by scientific research. Even if you have a wayward son or daughter, (or especially if you have a prodigal son or daughter), you need to use these skills.

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  • The training is mainly based on the participatory process.

  • Practice-based and experiential learning models are the focus of training methodology.

  • Improving communication skills with the children while transacting.

  • Group discussions, experience sharing, role play, presentation, case study sharing and questions/answers are selected as the major methods.

What you'll learn

  • Clarity on the concept of collaborative parenting.

  • The participants can handle the children with due respect, patience, eagerness, and empathetically.

  • Develop a friendly, trustful, and well informative environment

  • Developed communication, presentation, and facilitation skills

  • Developed knowledge of team approach strengthening and supporting the family goal achievement.

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