Mindfulness for Professional Excellence

Mindfulness training


This is not merely a program, but a journey of awareness to explore the excellence within you. It presents the art and science of awakening in diversity of realities of the world– NGOs, Corporates, families and societies, etc.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an age-old eastern practice of self-transformation.  However, today it is becoming more and more popular among professionals in the western world. Organizations are using mindfulness for effectiveness in developing leadership qualities and management skills. It is because Mindfulness puts your awareness in the driving seat of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Hence you become more resourceful, energetic, and stable and your responses become more effective.

Mindfulness is awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and surrounding environment. When we are less aware, we become overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Mindfulness leads us to become fully present, aware, and peaceful. When the mind becomes peaceful, our responses become thoughtful and effective. With a peaceful mind, we get better clarity to understand ourselves, people, and situations.

In ancient India, Mindfulness was devised for inner peace or liberation. Now scientific studies have shown it is useful in our daily life, personal or professional. Mindfulness is now increasingly being used in organizations for management and leadership development.

Course duration

The full program is of four days with six hours of training per day. However, it can be tailored to your need.

The Process

  • Body – Body is the foundation. We engage the body through games, activities and exercises in the funniest manner so that we can be connected to the child within – the source of playfulness, happiness and openness. These are essential pre-requisites for insightful learning and higher intelligence.

  • Mind – Mind is always engaged in thinking. Mostly our thinking is guided by certain patterns and structures. That makes us tired soon. Here, we experiment with wonder from where creative solutions are possible.

  • Heart – “The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart.” In official setting we rarely talk from and listen to the heart. Many problems that cannot be solved by hard thinking mind can be solved in no time by the engagement of the heart. Here, we nourish the heart – emotions and feelings.

  • Spirit – We are ‘human being’. But in the course of development, we have forgotten that we are human beings and have become ‘human doing’ or ‘human thinking’. Being is our essence. This is the ‘life’ of our life. Here, we awaken the true essence of our being.

The program will make you skillful in

  • Basics of mindfulness

  • Mindful communication

  • Stress management

  • Conflict handling

  • Feedback giving and receiving

  • Developing empowering mindset

  • Understanding emotions and transforming them

  • Decision making

  • Discovering responsibility

  • Building a mindful team

  • Time management

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