ISO/IEC 27032

Cyber Security

ISO/IEC 27032 Cyber Security Training is designed to provide participants with the expertise and understanding to shield their company from cyber attacks. This training focuses on the foundations of cyber security and safeguarding privacy, reliability, and availability of data and information in cyberspace.

ISO/IEC 27032 is a globally accepted guideline that establishes a policy system to address the establishment of trust, cooperation, data exchange, and technical guidance for the interconnectivity of participants in cyberspace. These courses are conducted by proficient instructors who will direct learners through the course material and demonstrate the value of cyber security risk management, incident management, operations, technology, and governance.

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Cyber Security management

Why is Cyber Security important to you?

ISO/IEC 27032 Cybersecurity training is essential for businesses to protect their sensitive information in today's digital age as the security threats are increasing on a daily basis. By following the guidelines and policy framework, businesses can identify vulnerable processes and develop a plan to mitigate risks. This practical certification equips individuals with skills to manage cybersecurity issues, demonstrating to clients and stakeholders that their business is secure. By enrolling in this training, businesses can take the first step towards securing their future.

How to get started with ISO/IEC 27032 Training?

Want to bolster your Cyber Security expertise and hone your skills? Let the specialists at NSB make certification easier and help you earn an ISO/IEC 27032 Certified Credential.

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Certification demonstrates that an individual or organizations has obtained the necessary expertise to support the implementation of an cyber security

Best Practices

certification enables individuals to develop and implement best practices for managing cybersecurity policies, ensuring that their organizations stay ahead of the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Improved Security and Business Continuity

By obtaining ISO/IEC 27032 certification, individuals/organizations can improve their security systems and ensure business continuity by mitigating cybersecurity risks and responding quickly in the event of a security incident.

Stakeholder Confidence

Certification demonstrates to stakeholders, such as clients, partners, and investors, that an organization is committed to implementing effective cybersecurity measures and safeguarding their sensitive information, thus building trust and confidence.

Rapid Incident Response and Recovery

Individuals with ISO/IEC 27032 certification are equipped with the necessary skills to respond and recover quickly in the event of a cybersecurity incident


ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager

Lead Cybersecurity Manager

Master the implementation and management of Cybersecurity program based on ISO/IEC 27032 .

ISO/IEC 27032 Foundation


Become acquainted with the best practices of the Cybersecurity implementation and management program based on ISO/IEC 27032 .


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