Abhilash Aacharya

Leadership Trainer


Abhilash Acharya is a coach and teacher who has worked with thousands of people in the areas of leadership, leadership communication, and communication through approaches that mainly include Emotional Awareness and Mindfulness as strategies for personal change. Abhilash brings his experience as a media person, communication consultant, psychological counselor, and traveler in the journey of spirituality, in his programs. His ability to connect deeply with the people that he works with is his greatest strength.

Abhilash believes that leadership thought and practice has shifted many paradigms in contemporary times that have focused on the tremendous potential of human beings to learn and change throughout a  lifetime. These new shifts are backed by modern discoveries in the areas of cognition, neuroscience, and
psychology. An avid believer in the ability of human beings to transform he believes that an ability to work with emotions, expression and training in mindfulness is a path to tap into the such potential.

Abhilash has facilitated individuals and groups in this fluid yet powerful practice of mindfulness that focuses on mindful, emotionally aware, and resonant ways of connecting in day-to-day as well as in leadership roles. The goals of his work include enhanced openness, authenticity, inclusiveness, and inspirational ways of thinking and behaving. He envisions a greater level of peace and compassion through these processes that have the potential to catalyze deep shifts in personal attitudes and improved quality of life and leadership.


  • Emotional Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Leadership
  • Communication


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